Snickers Hip Hip Heroes Defend Old School


We're not a teen and we're not going to try to pretend we know who, Fergie, Taboo and are because, well, we're already only almost sorta hip and we don't want to slide over into the tragically un-hip column. So we're just going to tell you that Atmosphere BBDO has created teen-focused, a video series site for Snickers in which pits old school hip hop against new (or bad?) hip hop.

In the first of five episodes to air in three week intervals over the Summer,, Fergie, Taboo and star as Snickers factory workers by day and "defenders of old school hip hop" by night. The group discovers superpowers when they come in direct contact with Snickers after an incident in the plant.

It's all very self-referential which is right up the tween, teen, 20-something's alley. While there's definitely Snickers branding throughout the first video, it's funny enough to keep you focused on the story rather than the branding. We'll see if it holds out all Summer but we do like it so far.

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