Journalist Still Loves Desktop Billboard Company


Tessa Wegert is at it again trying to convince us that people want to see ads on their desktops and that AdDiem's Digital Billboard, a company she wrote about last week that serves content and ads to a person's desktop, is something people would actually seek out and download. We didn't like it last week and we don't this week as she positions AdDiem's Digital Billboard as a custom publishing solution and gushes about that particular medium's benefits. OK. Last week, as the name indicates, it was a digital billboard. This week, that same company has somehow morphed into a custom publishing solution. Which is it Tessa and why would anyone want it?

Of course custom publishing works but that's because most people who receive a custom publication (mostly unrequested) don't know the content has been completely paid for by the advertiser. When people think they're getting unbiased information, they're getting anything but. So now Digital Billboard, which is a piece of software a person has to download and serves noting but "paid content" and ads is somehow something a rationale person would want? Pardon us while we stick our head out the window and puke on the sidewalk below.

While there is certainly merit to custom publications, Tessa twists her promotional efforts for Digital Billboard even further countering some who said corporate firewalls would block Digital Billboard by saying "And because custom publications are generally read at home, the way magazines are, company firewalls that could bar a successful download become a moot point." A moot point? What about all the research that proves daytime is primetime for the Internet? Sure people go online at home but not nearly as much as they do during the day...while at work...behind corporate firewalls. And who says all magazines are read at home?

Who knows. Maybe there's value to AdDiem's proposition. We just don't see it. Another point to consider regarding desktop advertising: when was the last time you actually saw your desktop? Last we checked, most people have multiple applications running at the same time and can't be bothered with anything that would take their attention away from them. If Microsoft chose to give away its Office Suite in exchange for placing ad banners in the menu bars of each program, then we might be talking about valuable desktop ad space. Until that happens, people have work to do. Not ads to read.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 6-06   Click to Comment   
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Hmmmm, let's place a large billboard in the front yard of her house and see if still likes the concept.
If obtrusive billboards annoy us, and tv commercials during our fav. shows annoy us during our downtime when we finally seek to relax after a long day, why would this be any different?

Again - simple concept - what's the value, what's in it for me?...hmmm...nooothhhiinnnggg. (unless I get paid to view the ads ;-)


Posted by: Kael on July 6, 2006 1:17 PM

I think the second point you raise is more important that the first one. I could see this appealing to younger demographics because it seems 'cool', even though it's not.

But, yeah, desktop watching is not really on anyone's list of favorite activities.

Posted by: Jonathan Trenn on July 6, 2006 1:35 PM

Jonathan my 30 to 35 year old kids hunt for ways to avoid ads on their computer, television and every other place. On the other side of the coin when they want information about a product they will go to the computer first. This past week I ask my computer geek son-in-law (35) how many magazines he subscribes to, one a car magazine. My daughter on the other hand reads two (chick magazines.) Me if I could find a way to block a computer ad I would do so in a NY minute (I'll never get close to 50 again.)

Posted by: Roy on July 6, 2006 4:26 PM

Stop airing your petty blog quibbles in public.

Posted by: Anand on July 6, 2006 6:45 PM

Petty blog quibbles? Who said anything about a blog? We're talking about desktop advertising here and debating the merits of what AdDiem has to offer. This has nothing to do with blogging and everything to do with a healthy discussion about an ad medium.

Posted by: Steve Hall on July 6, 2006 7:27 PM

Hmmmm...."Stop airing your petty blog quibbles in public." = petty blog quibble.

Let me guess - you're one of the advocates for this? Hey, then why not simply download all those numerous adware software from the web and sit back and enjoy all those messages. I mean, we all find those an effective medium to advertise...right?

Posted by: Kael on July 6, 2006 7:31 PM