Lindsay Lohan Fronts Proactiv Acne Campaign


While Lindsay Lohan is now schilling Proactiv acne medicine in a new infomercial spawned from a $2 million contract with the company, we're kinda thinking if she'd just settled on a particular body size rather than stressing her body out with all that "my boobs are too big," "I'm too skinny" and "Wait, I'm fat again" crap, she might not have suffered so much from acne. But, don't listen to us. We're not doctors but we had to write something because, otherwise, who really cares Lindsay's doing an infomercial for an acne medicine?

Lohan follows a long line of celebs praising Proactiv from Britney Spears to Alicia Keys to Jessica Simpson to Elle Macpherson to Kelly Clarkson.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Campaigns, Celebrity     Jul-11-06  
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Steve I think that you were 100% right when you noted that no one cares what Lindsay Lohan has to say or is doing. A waste of time and money by Proactiv.

Posted by: roy on July 11, 2006 01:48 PM

WHAT acne? ;P

Posted by: Stevie the K on July 11, 2006 05:29 PM

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