Gets Fist-Bump Love In Subway Pitch Video Spoof


Coudal Partners has delivered its own fist-bump this week with a spoof of the interactive shop's Subway Pitch video. If wanted attention, it's certainly getting it. Though we suspect they'd rather be getting attention from Subway than from other agencies tearing their efforts to shreds and creating spoofs.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (19)     File: Good, Spoofs     Aug- 2-06  
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Whoa! These guys sit on counters and lay on conference tables?!?! SOOOOOOOOOLD!!

Apparently they dont care for Subway biz though... The sandwich bash was a bit much.

Posted by: Sean on August 2, 2006 05:47 PM

It must be summer one has any work to do.

Posted by: nada on August 2, 2006 05:55 PM

It must be summer one has any work to do.

Posted by: nada on August 2, 2006 05:56 PM

That Jim Coudal dude is OLD. What could he possibly know about being viral? He's as irrelevant as Lee Clow.

Posted by: George Daliea on August 2, 2006 08:19 PM

Ha ha! George peed his Pampers over that!

No, dude- seriously! That Subway viral from yesterday was totally off the hook! These guys don't know shit about anything man. I feel real sorry for them. I have to go skateboard with my bluetooth so I can skate-conference with some buddy of mine in Philly working on the Red Bull account.

Posted by: tom on August 2, 2006 08:37 PM

I work for an agency. I work for a direct competitor to - in the same part of the country. We pitch against each other.

I got an Instant Message yesterday from someone that I had not heard from in years and years. "Check it out" he said. And he shared a link to the youTube video. He works for these day. I was a sucker. I clicked on the link.

I presume that those guys e-mailed and IMed everyone they knew. All day. Relentlessly.

Because I am in the business, I have an unusual interest in this video. My company might have pitched this biz. I watched with great interest. I know a few of the people in the video.

I sent the link to about 20 of my co-workers. They, in turn, sent it onward to others in the biz. Viral? Nope. It's business. We needed
to know what was going on.

Later, at home, it took me more than thirty minutes to explain to my girlfriend why all of this was interesting. She didn't care. It was not funny to her. It was not interesting to her. She will not buy subway sandwiches. She does not think highly of fast food. This video certainly did not try to change her mind. This video just said ugly things like "6 inch or 12" (offending to her!) and things like "Hey, Jew boy, can you talk to girls?" (more than offending). My girlfriend wanted no more. She walked away.

Tonight? Well, tonight the Coudal video made me laugh. Then I laughed more. Then I went pee in my pants. I have not laughed that hard in a long, long, long time.

God bless agency life.
I love it.

Onward through the fog!

Personal note: Hey Agello? Not great man. we have seen better. sorry. not that we don't love you. but not great man.


Posted by: Not_an_EggParty on August 2, 2006 10:11 PM

How the hell can you make a spoof of a viral that's even less funny than the original?

Posted by: Rob on August 3, 2006 03:44 AM

lol. the Brand calls you! ;P

Posted by: nycat on August 3, 2006 07:40 AM

Coudal, if you're going to dis someone, dis big. Your video sucked.

Posted by: SteveOh on August 3, 2006 08:59 AM

I've never heard of coudall.

But that push-in on the copywriter sitting at his desk thinking up "ideas" was perfect.

Oh. And the CD is fat as hell.

He needs a fast-food client about as much as he needs his ego stroked some more.

Posted by: Dean on August 3, 2006 01:32 PM

tee hee. that was funny. coudal is old and dated, but funny. why don't the other people have speaking roles?

Posted by: halfbaked on August 3, 2006 02:09 PM

Definitely not the best they could bring but good enough. And if you have not heard of Coudal, then wipe the snot from your nose kids. They invented one of the great early virals, Photoshop Tennis. Google it and weep.

Posted by: jackson on August 3, 2006 02:10 PM

If Coudal thinks they will get work by saying Subway sucks- without providing a marketing-centric solution- they are drinking from the same potion that is.
although this has less to do with Coudal's response- and more to do with what an agency should do- I wrote a bit about this mess here:
mostly focused on pitch consultants comments- which Coudal would do well to read.

Posted by: David Esrati on August 3, 2006 03:02 PM

Oh my God, I can't stop weeping.

Posted by: tom lout on August 3, 2006 03:09 PM

oh my god half of these comments are the self-referential ad person speak that makes everyone who meets someone 'in the industry' puke and run screaming from the building. can you guys pick up a mirror?

Posted by: dave on August 3, 2006 04:16 PM

You're retarded if you think Coudal was serious or cares at all about getting Subway business.

Posted by: Bob on August 3, 2006 04:17 PM

This spoof nailed it though:

Posted by: Montey King on August 3, 2006 06:52 PM

Coudal is the greatest -"Worldwide Executive creative director"? He mocks and accentuates the silliness of the video. The throwing around of corporate titles, the bogus agency speak, the "immersive" experiences,'s SHORT. nice! There are few who run their companies with the love and innovation Coudal does. Peruse the site and you will see some REAL creative ideas.
Not a bunch of ignorant people, kidding themselves into thinking they are "creative" and "edgy" and "off the cuff". jeez.

Posted by: Kally on August 4, 2006 09:11 PM


You are a bunch of nerdy nerds nerdilating on the shallow 'creativity' of agency life.


Posted by: nerdball on August 10, 2006 10:29 AM

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