Account Exec Starts Charity For India's Orphans


Todd Copelvitz, formerly with The Richards Group in Dallas tells the story of an account person with whom he worked while at the agency named Tanya Pinto who's launched a charity called Baal Dan which she set up to aid orphans in India. She's done it one her own time, with her own money and while still working at The Richards Group.

Having grown up in India until the age of 13, Pinto was motivated to start Baal Dan after a sabbatical to India to help orphans. Now, back at The Richards Group, she is receiving help from co-workers on the charity. Why not get behind one of our own and, as Todd writes, "...take a moment from reading about the latest viral campaign and check out Tanya's work. Then do something that will really matter, and donate." Indeed.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Agencies, Good     Sep-11-06  
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It's amazing to really see how much need is out there and what Baal Dan can do to fulfill it. I urge everyone to learn more and donate! Tanya is an inspiration to us all in this industry that we're never too busy to pursue multiple goals and passions at once.

Posted by: Brian Stout on September 12, 2006 04:28 PM

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