MacBook Purchase Financed With Laptop Cover Ads


In yet another version of the eBay forehead/pregnant belly advertising thing, the very cute Leah Culver is asking for donations to retire her six year old G3 iMac and buy new MacBook Pro. In return, she promises to etch the names/brands of those who donate onto her new laptop for all to see in the San Francisco area for as long as the new computer lasts. She's already raised $2,687.44 which would appear to be enough to buy the MacBook but she's still selling adspace. Leah, tell us when you sell out, buy the computer and design the laptop cover. We'd love to see it. (Photo by Tantek)

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Hi Adrants, I just noticed that you used one of my photos for this article, which you are welcome to do so per the Creative Commons license that I published it with. My only request is that you credit it "photo by Tantek" and link the photo and that text to the photo permalink URL:

Thanks much!


Posted by: Tantek on June 28, 2007 11:47 PM

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