Starbucks Not Exactly Bike Friendly

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As if Starbucks doesn't already have enough trouble over those naked mermaid cups, Starbucks Gossip reports barista Fabian Mills got berated for biking to work every morning and was consequently transferred to a store that lengthened his commute 16 miles.

Starbucks recently issued a statement explaining Mills was late to meetings and windblown to boot, so the conflict wasn't about riding the bike at all.

Mills clarifies by insisting his manager told him he "should just get over riding [his] bike" before transferring him. After the transfer, Mills quit.

The moral of the story is, unless you can drive the 2.5 miles to your cafe job and make it there in immaculate condition, don't work at Starbucks. And while you're at it, get an MBA, too. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

by Angela Natividad    Oct-23-06   Click to Comment   
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I'd say the moral of the story is don't arrive late to work looking like you've been pulled through a hedge backwards no matter what your chosen mode of transport. If I ran any kind of public service business and I had an employee who was consistently late and looking disheveled upon arrival - I'd can his ass as quick as I could as well. There are plenty of folks who would really like the job and make the effort - I don't think Starbucks were being unreasonable. The relocation was a work-a-round for the employment laws.

Oh, and getting an MBA just means you get to flip burgers with a smug self satisfied grin. It doesn't give you carte blanche to disrespect your employer.

Posted by: Phil on October 23, 2006 12:33 PM

I'm torn on this. I agree 100% w/ Phil's comments above. I don't like walking into any store where the clerks (oh, excuse me, please insert whatever inflated stupid title they're giving peopel these days who are supposed to actually help customers in stores, rather than take personal calls on their cellphones) look less than clean and well-groomed, ready to perform their job duties.

But, I wouldn't put it past Starbucks to have used these excuses to discriminate against an employee who, maybe, wanted to put his bike in the back room or who the manager just didn't like. Who knows? I'm more inclined to take the cyclist-barista's word on this.

Guess I'm back to boycotting Starbucks and drinking Peets.

Posted by: Lydia Sugarman on October 23, 2006 12:50 PM