Starbucks Kicks Off Festivities Ringing Bells ... For NASDAQ


Tomorrow morning Jim Donald, CEO of Starbucks, gets to ring the NASDAQ opening bell. This marks the company's 35th anniversary and the start of holiday festivities at all stores, which will be decorated in big-bright red.

Awesome. Now is there any way we can talk them out of that naked 35th anniversary mermaid that got teachers all pissed off? We're not prudes or anything but it's seriously not cute. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

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Kid Films & Big Pharma Mingle on Flu Facts


There's been some longtime discomfort about Happy Feet, a penguin-centred love story that whored it out behind the scenes with any company willing to toss bills in its direction. (Seriously. It has a lot of sponsors.)

Among its largest suitors - er, sponsors is Roche, seeking to promote its spankin' new anti-flu drug Tamiflu. This is the first liaison ever between a pharmaceutical company and an animated film.

Roche just launched a campaign for a site called Flu Facts. Incestuously, Happy Feet penguins on billboards refer families to Flu Facts and Flu Facts in turn refers back to Happy Feet. There's even a zip code function in which you can find out if the flu is in your area.

Which area isn't it in? Guess if penguins need Tamiflu then we all do. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

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Microsoft Plans to Swallow Gamers Live, Kind of Like Preying Mantises


Peter Moore, VP of entertainment and devices at Microsoft, says he'd like to target moderate gamers who haven't yet cashed out $400 for the Xbox 360. And he's decided the best way to do it is through that new MSN video service, which will be gleefully littered with gamer-oriented brands: "I guarantee you that if I had three more weeks (before the launch), I would have 15 logos up there," he said, referring to the logos of companies formally affiliated with Xbox.

And then he rubbed his hands together, laughed maniacally and ate another baby. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

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Tuesday ad:tech Parties Smaller


As it turned out, there were quite a few parties Monday night at ad:tech. Most were small affairs or private company company cocktail/dinner parties. iMediaconnection's Masha Gellar and I seemed to be on the same path visiting a party for German ad serving/email marketing company ADTECH who recently opened a U.S. office, a party celebrating the tenth anniversary of Internet marketing and training company Laredo Group and the Adotas ad:tech VIP dinner.


The ADTECH party was held on the 43rd floor of the Hilton hotel and while I don't know much about this company, I can say the representatives from the company were some of the nicest people I've met in the business. The Laredo Group party was held at old school Friar's Club where very old men passed food and reacted appropriately when one person said he didn't want one of those penis in a blanket things. You had to be there.

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