Bob Garfield Disses Defeatist Saturn Aura Ad


It's pretty funny. A tame excerpt:

"Look! A crash-test bulkhead! Look! A rugged fashion model squinting with driving intensity! Look! The California sunrise glinting into the lens! No surprise, of course, that a General Motors product introduction would embrace every single cliche of the auto-ad genre. This, in addition to losing money and shutting down factories, is what GM does."


Saturn's Aura ad indeed reeks of something we've seen 10,000 times before, and the slogan feels like they've thrown up their hands and died: "Saturn. Like always. Like never before." Feels a lot like the work a high schooler would put together if asked, not to create a car ad, but to simulate an aggregate of car ads seen over a lifetime.

Sucks for you, Saturn. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (0)     File: Campaigns     Nov- 6-06  
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