Canadians Want Guys to be Nice to Girls


The Government of Ontario cares about manners and thinks guys should be nice to girls. That's the gist of the messaging in this commercial which points to a site called Equality Rules. In the commercial, almost directly opposite from a scene in last night's Friday Night Lights in which one of the characters working the register at the local fast food restaurant tries to pick up a girl by telling her what she really wants when she places her order, a mean spirited guy, for no apparent reason, berates a girl who's just trying to order a burger.

The Equality Rules site is filled with cheesy cartoon advice vignettes that seem almost purposefully to mirror high-minded finger-wagging you'd get from your grandmother after she caught you getting drunk with your friend on his Dad's boat. SInce all other angle seem to be taken on convincing people to be nice, maybe this one will actually work. The commercial was created by Toronto's Bensimon Byrne and produced by UNTITLED (yes, that's the name of the company).

by Steve Hall    Nov-29-06   Click to Comment   
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I'm pretty sure that you completely missed the point, which was stated at the end of the commercial - trying to put verbal abuse in a relationship in such a context that people realize that since it's not okay at a restaurant for people to be treating you this way, it's definitely not okay for your boyfriend to be treating you that way.

Also, since when was it being nice and mannerly to not verbally abuse and put down people? I thought that's just what the average human being does because they have some sense of decency.

Posted by: Ashley on January 12, 2007 11:13 PM