Calling A Helio A Phone Underwater Causes Death


Created by Deutsch LA, directed by Napoleon Dynamite's Jared Hess and visually effected by A52, this spot for the company that refuses to be referred to as a phone company, Helio, makes that point very clear. Not that large, underwater animals aren't dangerous all the time but, apparently, they're particularly dangerous when you call a Helio a phone.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Commercials     Dec- 7-06  
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Yeah... But... It does everything a phone does... EXCEPT make phone calls... And it costs a fucking fortune every month... So why the fuck would I want one? This has to be the world's dumbest product... It'll probably sell like hot cakes. What the fuck do I know?

Posted by: George Parker on December 7, 2006 11:46 PM

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