Survey: Should Julie Rhoem Have Been Fired?


With all the news and analysis last week regarding Wal-mart's Julie Rhoem, let's get down to the most important issue at hand. Do you think Julie Rhoem should have been fired? Take a quick yes or no survey here.

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Question: Why are the recent rants focused on disparaging remarks about the people who work for Draft or FCB?

I am a client to one of the best creative agencies in the country. Crispin Porter + Bogusky. And yes, they are a pleasure to work with.

My question comes to you based on thoughts around the D/FCB people. The ones who are not the elite 5 at the top of every typical company. I'm an EVP, Director for a well-liked big brand, I close to my EVP counterpart at CPB...and at previous agencies. They had no force to change and alter the various agency policy that you rant about...It’s still with the top fab 5 at every agency. The rest of us dance each day to feed our kids and dream one day, “if I get the chance I will change some things.” Even on the brand side.

The hatred and tyranny that is written is disgusting and disappointing. Here is what I do know...The people who work at D/FCB are working at an agency 9000 large across the world. It’s the second largest agency. Period. Only about 2200 of the 9000 are in the US! But what about the actual people? For most of you who shout we should “hate them,” - my friends there are working class creative and account folks who would love to pump out CPG creative. Who wouldn’t? But since you have all pointed out that not enough brands are willing to take the risk, who is left to produce the majority of the work?

I have many middle of the road friends that work at D/FCB. And, I also have friends who work there that came from DDB, Leo, Chait/Day, BBH, Fallon and yes, there are a few from Crispin actually working for D/FCB. (I just confirmed this) There are so many good, normal, mature and visionary leaders at every agency who get muddled in the crap. Just like you do. Of the 1200 in Chicago, and 800 in NY…how many are assholes? Don’t say most, it’s just not true. Most are great people who landed from other respected agencies. And folks, they’re simply not the rejects from those agencies. It’s just not true.

Hate the top 5 execs for making stupid selfish mistakes. Acknowledge that unless there’s a sea-change in a market, D/FCB client’s will not allow them the risk of breathtaking work, or they wont ever meet the challenge to do so... but as John Stossel would say, “Give me a break.” In Chicago where the Wal-Mart account was won, 1195 are people who struggle to keep their kids in college, pay their mortgages and buy gas. The younger people there just want to get a job after college, or mid-level creatives/account/planning/HR and more who found a home in the city of Chicago. Please, hate? And the sources tell that the they did one thing right, they didn’t hire yet even 1 of the 200 poor souls who would be out of a job this Christmas.

I hope I get wind of who any of you are...who hide behind hatred. If my company ever considers you for a win. I would love to hear a slip from you at dinner. (You're paying) I read these blogs and your prose cannot be faked or duplicated.

Oh, subtext for the self-loving purest creatives here. At CP+B they do care about data and tangible results. They obsess about it. And they are under-cutting price behind your backs, you just don’t know about it. For them, they just know how to also deliver the goods.

Give me a break.

Posted by: client_side+pitcher

Posted by: client_side_pitcher on December 10, 2006 10:56 PM

Her name is spelled Roehm...

Posted by: Lis on December 10, 2006 11:06 PM

Nodd to you client_side_pitcher. I'm in the boat of coming from the loved to that not so. But I've kept two of the three initials and some how that changed everything. Most of the people I work for and with are just looking to break the machine and make a difference. We will.

Posted by: agency_side_pitchee on December 11, 2006 12:03 AM

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