Bud Light Slapping Ad A Nod to Agency.com Fist Bump


As Sunday turns into Monday and time allows for the additional digestion and review of Super Bowl commercials, Bud Light's slapping ad has us laughing out loud this morning. When we viewed it during the game along with the insanity of the rest of the event, we didn't have time to enjoy the very hilarious wink/nod embedded in that ad. You all, of course, remember the Agency.com YouTube video fiasco in which Tom Ajello's fist bump became the signature of something...um...less than positive about the ad business. Well, wasn't it hilarious to see that very same notion become the basis of the Bud Light Slapping ad in which a guy, in response to an offered fist bump, says, "Yo, Steve, fist bump is out man!"

After that, the commercial turns into a humorous slap-fest but the funniest part of the ad is the end when the old dude (ad exec? hmm) offers up a fist bump and says to the young dude, "Nice job in there, Larson. You saved the account" to which the young dude responds by slapping the old dude. There's no way this commercial's creative concepting occurred without mention of Agency.com and its famouos fist bump. Nice work, guys.

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who did this creative?

Was it among the usual suspects: DDB Worldwide, Goodby Silverstein & Partners Downtown Partners or Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos? Funny how the agency.com youtube fist pump evolved into a true ad world viral and then was morphed into a self-depricating face slap/LOL SB ad spot, isn't it?

Posted by: adgoose on February 5, 2007 12:24 PM

Nothing like a $2.6 million inside joke.

I watched the game with my son and three of his 18 year old friends. They kept a running ranking of the Budweiser and Bud Light ads. Their take (and I admit that we stopped counting at some point) was something like 0 for 5. The ads looked a bit too much like they were done by five different agencies all vying for "Me, Me, Pleeeeease!!"

On another note, I haven't read much press yet about all of the TV commercials. But, I did get a sense that violence was paramount. Is this the best the agency world can do?

The boys dug the CareerBuilder spots. Their winner.

Mine: Of course the best spot was the user generated spot for Doritos.

Posted by: Peter on February 5, 2007 12:27 PM

Peter's right. A lot of money for an inside joke.

Always healthy for the advertising industry to reinforce the stereotype that they're self-indulgent primadonnas enjoying themselves with other people's money to no particular business end in itself.

Posted by: stevie the k on February 5, 2007 01:19 PM

They unapologetically ripped of a skit by hilarious comedy troupe, the whitest kids U know - see link below.


Posted by: Sally D on February 6, 2007 11:01 AM

so bud ripped off a comedy skit, and stole a punchline from last year's sprint superbowl spot...
great superbowl work!

Posted by: b on February 6, 2007 12:33 PM

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