Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson Get New Heads, Movie Promoted


Christina Ricci is hot. Christina Ricci is short denim cut offs is really hot. Christina Ricci in short denim cut offs, a tiny belly shirt and cowgirl boots is flaming hot. Christina Ricci in short denim cut offs, tiny belly shirt, cowgirl boots and chained like some kind of sex-slave by Samuel L. that's more than a guy can take! Can't you see, we're trying to get some work done around here? How can we with all this distraction?

Anyway, she's in a movie, coming out next month, called Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson. As part of the movie's promotion, there's a send-to-a-friend feature that lets you place your head on either Ricci's or Jackson' head for some silliness. We don't know why anyone would want to put their head over Christina's (although she does have an odd one), but, hey, this is online marketing and we do it because we can.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Online, Promotions     Feb-14-07  
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You're so my idol, based in no small part on that first paragraph.

Posted by: Chris Thilk on February 15, 2007 04:56 PM

Looks like an inter racial sex movie porn to me.. a lil white girl in panties chained , chased and bull hogged by a big brotha!! ha ha ha

Posted by: black brute on June 10, 2007 03:39 PM

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