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MySpace,'s banner whoring stomping-ground, is running an ad that's made us double-take at least six times thus far.

Are they saying men are like dogs? That men should seek out dogs instead of women? That either one of the sexes should go canine and not carnal?

They also appear to be addressing us in pup language. Sit. Stay. Date. Bark? Jump? How high? It didn't occur to us how condescending True can be, not merely in language but in branding, until just now. Is this what we've come to? Docile men, interchangeable sex kittens and one-word commands?

Well, maybe. Despite the lackluster appearance of its website, True destroys competition in the dating world right now. So tonight we've decided to hit a bar and ask members of the opposite sex to wag tails and play dead and see if it gets us laid. There's a whole fetish industry that revolves around collars and commands, so we're feeling optimistic. Thanks, True.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (3)     File: Bad, Campaigns, Online     Feb-21-07  
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Angela I know a guy just for you. He kind of reminds me of a Saint Bernard, looks like one and smells like one.

Posted by: Roy on February 21, 2007 01:19 PM

Don't even think of sending him over if his shots aren't up to date.

Posted by: Angela Natividad on February 21, 2007 02:50 PM

You're very welcome. Now sit. Stay. Write something interesting.

Hmm...ok we'll work on that last part.

Posted by: TRUE ad designer on March 5, 2007 07:30 PM

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