Morning Show's Great 'Thongs' Will Crack You Up


On a local billboard, a St. Cloud, Minnesota radio station promises its morning show is so good it will crack you up...literally...with "Great Thongs All Day." We'll take the thongs. We're not to sure about that crack though. We're sure the Mothers Against Exposed Thongs cause group will be on this one in no time.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Outdoor, Radio   

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As Don Pardo once told me, "Amateurs borrow, professionals steal." Or in this case, most likely - or better have - purchased.

Steve Jones, formerly of NewCap Broadcasting in Edmonton, along with the station's Terry-Bill-Steve morning show, and I designed this billboard about 7 years ago.

Funny...this is the exact same artwork...and if people only knew that what looks like straps to hold a bra/bikini top up was painted on as there was nothing there during the photo shoot.

So...this pic does not say which station - care to share the info???

Posted by: greg gillispie on March 26, 2007 7:48 PM