Scion Promotes Do-It-Yourself Plastic Surgery


In conjunction with design/animation/production team Shilo, ATTIK creates a series of weird virals to promote the Scion xB. We think the Scion xB is ugly as hell, but apparently so does the marketing team and they're using its quirky boxiness as leverage.

We haven't got all the virals, but one called Round to Square involves a standard stick figure hacking away at its face until it achieves a satisfying square appearance that brought back traumatic memories of Mooninites. The video then leads us to Want 2 B Square, an odd interactive wasteland with vestiges of death (like the guillotine at left) all over the place. The site also houses games, which we actually kind of enjoy.

We like the look and feel of the campaign but we're still as likely to start hacking away at our own faces as we are to purchase a Scion.

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Shilo created "Round to Square" as part of ATTIK's pre-launch campaign for the 2008 Scion xB. More details:

Agency: ATTIK
Group Creative Director: Simon Needham
Creative Director: Wayne Hanson
Account Director: Charlie Adams
Senior Producer: Michele Morris
Producer: Jay Cortez

Production Company: Shilo
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer / Jose Gomez
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Line Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Design & Animation: Stieg Retlin, Evan Dennis

Music & Sound Design: Crispin Thump
Composer: Augustus Skinner

Cheers -- Roger D.

Posted by: Roger Darnell on March 12, 2007 01:06 PM

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