With Celebratory Bullshit, Agency Introduces 'Disease Marketing'


We're not sure the mid-90's style baggy, pleated pants the guy is wearing in this video are as intentionally spoofy as the rest of the site but that's besides the point. We're not talking about fashion here. We're talking about an agency that thinks viral marketing is fleeting and unproductive and has pioneered something much better: Disease Marketing. Yes. "Why settle for a harmless virus when you can get a full blown disease," says the trouser-wearing agency dude.

Minneapolis-based Kruskopf Coontz, calling itself "the face of disease," promises its disease marketing can lift brands to the level of emphysema: incurable and impossible to ignore. And that's not all. After introducing its "The New Viral" approach, Kruskopf whisks us away to its brand new website with an intro that brings together the finest, most complete collection of agency bullshit including B.S. Central (scroll all the way to the right), a video section of their site that gleefully tears apart the industry's obsession with awards, pointless philosophies, 25/8 dedication, its people, pontificating press releases, street cred, hipsterificness, base touching and the idiotic, self-important use of cell phones.

We just love it when agencies look inward, get all humble, realize what they've been saying all along sounds like some form of bastardized foreign language and get all cool by turning its own bullshit on its head. This is one of the better efforts. After all, who the hell had heard of Kruskopf Coontz before this? And they got us to write about them. That counts for something given all the crap we get sent every day.

by Steve Hall    Mar-19-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Good, Strange   

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With obligatory "see our cool offices with high-end DWR furniture" tour.

Set to "Step into My World" by Hurricane No. 1.

The self mockery lost all "street cred" right there. Back to being monsters of hip.

Posted by: Jetpacks on March 20, 2007 11:05 AM