Breath Freshener Associated With Farting. Yes, We Have No Idea Either


OK, This is guaranteed to make you laugh. Bathroom humors always does. Oh, don't pretend you think fart jokes aren't are funny. We're not believing it for one second. We are biologically programmed to laugh at this stuff. Though each one of us has seen fart jokes delivered in every way imaginable, we still laugh at them no matter how they come. This one, though, is truly a classic. For some reason, Air Vigorsol wants us to associate its Air Action Vigosol breathe freshener with...get ready for it...a farting squirrel chipmunk who saves the forest from fire. Squirrels Chipmunks? Power farts? Breath freshener? Oh how some marketer's minds work. Winter has come.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (4)     File: Commercials, Good, Strange     Apr-10-07  
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look on for the game!

Posted by: nic on April 10, 2007 12:15 PM

look on for the game!

Posted by: nic on April 10, 2007 12:17 PM

Sorry, guy....that's a chipmunk, NOT a squirrel.

Posted by: Birdie on April 10, 2007 01:40 PM

The Adranter must have been in a good mood, as this ain't that funny. (And yes, it is a chipmunk.)

Posted by: Bart King on April 10, 2007 02:38 PM

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