Creatives Fall Prey to Power of Subliminal Advertising


If any of you still doubt the power of subliminal advertising, you need look no further than this video sent to us by fresh creation in which two unsuspecting creatives fall victim to the old naked lady in the ice cube trick. No, this isn't just the much discussed lady in the ice cube of old but rather an elaborate stunt to prove subliminal messaging does work. As long as we are to believe this video truly represents what happened.

Watch as two creatives are recruited to create a campaign in 30 minutes for a taxidermy store. The resulting campaign will surprise you once the curtain is lifted at the end of the story. McDonald's is no stranger to this trick having recently done a bit of their own sort of subliminal advertising. And, yes, we know this video is a year old.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Agencies, Good, Strange, Trends and Culture     Apr-29-07  
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This ancient chestnut is from one of the earlier programmes by Derren Brown from British television (Channel 4 I think), and has been knocking around my global underground media centre for years. In fact, I haven't met a creative who admits NOT seeing it before.
It's a bit like the old Basketball Players Don't Notice Dancing Gorilla Psychology Trick. Both are classics.

Posted by: FishNChimps on April 30, 2007 06:35 AM

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