Ask, Ask a Ninja Get Together for Algo


While we thought their last algo campaign was kind of lame, we did admire's attempt to get people actually involved with the search engine.

Keeping with that, Ask has partnered up with Ask a Ninja. Puppetvision points us to a new ninja video called Ninja Sayings, where the ninja takes everyday vernacular and gives it ninja roots. (We have always known, for example, that "OK" actually means "zero kills.")

At the end of the video you're invited to look a word up on After you do that you get a bonus ninja video, which makes up the top search result.

We like it: good clean interactivity, minimal commitment, instant reward. How often can you say that about a campaign that bounces you from one site to another? Not often. This goes to show that the old adage "when in doubt, find a ninja" is actually sound.

NewTeeVee points out Ask a Ninja is now powered by Castfire, whose audio/video CMS tool they've been using to serve their fare on the Ask site.

by Angela Natividad    May-22-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Good, Online   

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Great post. I know Douglas (Ask a Ninja), am in the ad business and in a word of mouth marketing class. We're doing a class blog on good examples of WOM and I'm going to write up Ask a Ninja. Would you mind linking to our blog? Or commenting on my post once it is up? I'd be sure to return the favor by getting a bunch of classmates to link to you and I think they'd be interested if you have more posts like this one which I'll add to my post and credit you. If you know anything more on how this deal came to be or on the Ninja's rise to stardom, please let me know. -Sam

Posted by: Sam Karow on July 15, 2007 12:21 AM