McDonald's Blogs Again, Paris Hilton Teaches Branding


- Reader's Digest has just announced it will now accept ads on its back cover in January...and cut circulation by 20 percent. Hmm. Guess things aren't going so well.

- Any iPhone spoof that has the copy, "I'm drunk as fuck and I'm driving down the Interstate" is good in our book.

- Uppity blogoshereites aren't taking kindly to McDonald's latest blogging efforts in which the junk food giant has enlisted six "mommy bloggers" to tout the wonders of carrying Big Mac in one hand and a screaming two year old in the other.

- As if teachers haven't yet been disrespected enough, The Learning Annex educational institute has offered Paris Hilton $1 million to teach budding entrepreneurs her secrets behind branding.

- While it wouldn't be right to claim any ad in which people yawn plagiarizes any previous ad in which yawning occurs, Enoch thinks a recent BBDO New York-created Diet Pepsi Max commercial is very similar to a 2002 Argentina Telecom spot and has compared the two in a video.

- Yes, apparently, some art directors still believe the spider web is good imagery for any ad that has to do with web design.

- The syndication upfront is looking good and could finish with a cool $2 billion.

- After a lengthy lawsuit, Wieden + Kennedy has won the $200 million World Cup sponsorship account.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Celebrity, Commercials, Magazine, Weblogs   

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