MySpace Shimmies In and Out of Fancy Film Costume


MySpace has become a total box office mouthpiece. When it's not all Silver Surfered-out, it's a poker table for Ocean's Thirteen (at left).

Littlejohn at Advertising for Peanuts wonders whether users will get turned off by the social networking darling's shameless ad-whoring (kind of like friend-whoring?) but we doubt it. If there was going to be a meaningful reaction to MySpace's games of homepage dress-up, it would've happened already. At this point we're all just watching the show go by.

Anyway, there are worse things in this life than a homepage swathed in George and Brad.

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 5-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Sponsorship   

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Anyone with a MySpace page proves they are amateur, non-geek, newbie, or worse. I have seen soft porn ads on MySpace from the beginning. Facebook is no big improvement.

If a band has a MySpace page, I run in the other direction as fast as I can. To let people hear a few songs, and not be able to download them to share with others, to burn to CD, to play in car and at parties, is stupid.

Free legal mp3s, and lots of them, is how you get buzz for a band.

Posted by: vaspers on June 5, 2007 2:06 PM

MySpace has transformed itself and now enjoys a huge ad revenue stream! Its user base has expanded over 15% in the same time period that it took to build the ad $$$s. Bravo to MySpace for upgrading their ads from the shimmying quivering banners that deserately tried to get the viewers eye to entice a click to claim lottery winnings, a free iPod or other such offers.

The difference?

Having a direct line to the people that make the decisions at the top ad spending brands. Nicer still to have built a bidding war for your banner space, eh?
;) Thank you for the post Angela!

Posted by: arthur on June 5, 2007 3:21 PM