'Joystick' Toes Line Between War and Play


The hegemony-prodders at TRUF have produced an addition to their running TRUF/Lies campaign with the help of Agent Jackson, NYC and Adam Longlands from The Matrix.

This prospective viral, dubbed Joystick, weaves war games into traditional video game imagery. As the graphics of both improve with time, you're ultimately faced with the question: is the evolution from doe-eyed gamer to soldier the equivalent emotional exchange of one joystick for another?

The video had the twin effect of embedding mushroom clouds behind our eyelids and leaving us with one of those headaches earned only after 6 hours of Atari.

The TRUF/Lies campaign is part of a bigger effort to question conventional wisdoms and enliven the sustainability discourse through an art in action contest, conducted by TRUF, MemeLabs and your very own Angela. All that happens in the fall, so be sure to brace yourselves for impending awesome.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-11-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good   

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