Wendy's Baconator Offers Up Fat-Filled Fame


Joining the "we don't give a shit whether or not our burgers have three million calories, clog your arteries and turn you in to a lazy couch potato with no interest in accomplishing anything in life other than clicking your Wii" trend, Wendy's has introduced the Baconator, a one half pound, six bacon strip monstrosity possibly bigger than the Paris Hilton Bentley Burger.

To promote the burger's beefy, bacon, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise-slathered massiveness, Wendy's is "inviting America to create "burger music", musical pieces that incorporate the vibrant sounds associated with preparing and serving a great hamburger" whatever that may be.

A Baconator Sound Bites Music Mixer helps visitors create a song which can then be shared with friends. The Creator of the best song, judged by producer Michael Hudson, will win a paid trip to a studio session with Hudson to further produce the song which will receive guaranteed major market radio play. Nine runner up prizes include $500, Wendy's Gift Cards, winning entry played on wendys.com and ThisisMyBurger.com. Winning songs will also be converted to ringtones for public download.

So forget bothering with American Idol. That's just too much work. Just sit back, down the Baconator, find inspiration and become a radio star. What could be simpler?

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-07   Click to Comment   
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This is so sick and depraved, it's almost as bad as the George Castanza "Mix Sex with Food" fetish ads of Hardy's.

The sounds of murdered cattle would be a great new theme for the acclaimed Japanese noise artist Merzbow, who is doing a series of PETA concept albums currently (Merzbear, Merzbird, Minazo, etc.).

Merzbow + dying cattle squeals + Wendy's Suicide Burgers = how the human race extincted itself.

Glad to see your Twitter tweets. Twitter is the new RSS.


It's so true! Why does every fast food chain feel the need to out do eachother in bad health. It's like if it has veggies on it, forget it!

I went to Wendy’s tonight and tried to order a Big Bacon Classic, but was told that it no longer exists. They then suggested the artery clogging Baconator. This thing is nasty, maybe if it looked like the picture. ha!

Personally, the only reason I really goto Wendys IS the Big Bacon Classic. Granted it's still a bacon burger, but with veggies and being considerably smaller I think it's better. I tried to even get them to make it for me, but they refused. heh :(

Anyway, theres a petition online to “Save the Wendy’s Big Bacon Classic” and get rid of the Artery clogg..err Baconator.


Posted by: Tony on July 28, 2007 6:30 AM

It would be in all of our best interest's if people would realize that it's not the "big bad evil corporations" that are ultimately responsible for this sort of thing.

This sort of 'clog your arteries' advertising only works because there's something about it that people like. If they didn't, they wouldn't buy these products and the "evil corporations" would stop.

Let's stop blaming others for our problems and collectively grow and become more healthy as a species.

Posted by: Bucket Man on July 31, 2007 5:57 AM