Diesel: Yes We're Alive, But Our Love for You is Dying


Diesel is really good at developing fairly coherent creative ideas and then half-assing them. For its Fuel for Life thing, which we kind of mentioned here, the gritty-chic company takes its "For successful living" slogan and applies it to a perfume (the aforementioned Fuel for Life).

Then it pimps out its homepage with all this busy-as-shit promotional material - most of which Adverblog valiantly tries to cover.

But what really ticks us off is the Italian model who greets us at outset with the burning rhetorical question, "Are you alive?" And he never stops asking. He keeps asking.

The Diesel homepage is sitting in some tabbed portion of our browser repeatedly asking, "Are you alive? Are you alive?" and the whole thing just drives us bananas - really, we haven't been this irritated by a site in a long time.

How could you feed your whole homepage to the flames for just one stupid campaign?

This is par for the course for Diesel. It changes homepages like MySpace changes ad skins. Consider the hotel hottie hostage-holders which later converts to the global warming message.

Really Diesel WTF? If you have a commitment problem, this is what microsites are for.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-28-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Brands, Online   

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I totally agree with your feelings on Diesel's campaigns. I don't know if you have received emails from Eric and Zara already, but they don't help me understand this campaign any more!
I wrote a short piece about Diesel's campaign here. But a lot of what you said is what I wish I said! Great post

Posted by: Jeff Vincent on August 28, 2007 11:05 PM

Hey, I just saw one of these ads for the first time tonight. Basically some vampire chic(k) walking about in not much... The whole thing owes a pretty major debt to "The Hunger", Tony Scott's 80s film with Catherine Deneauve and David Bowie as designer clad vampires who like to play the Schubert Trio the ads use as sonic branding... Fuel for life indeed!

Posted by: Jules on September 28, 2007 7:45 PM