Hard-Ass Sport, Longtime Legends, Hip-Hop Luminaries Join in Testosterone-Topia


Video game publisher 2K Sports has pulled digital firm EVB into its ranks to build a lifestyle marketing campaign called Football Resurrected.

A big plug for All-Pro Football 2K8, the virtual game boasts 300 pigskin "legends" including Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders, as well as a few familiar faces of underground hip-hop, including Hieroglyphics, Jurassic 5, Pep Love and even Rakim.

The site is pretty cool and the raps, which revolve entirely around "the resurrection of 2K Sports," are damn sound. It's all really clever and whatnot.

If the musical icons from our beat-banging youth aren't going to rap about their shoes or how cool they are or how lame haters can be or how love pounds you into submission, they might as well be rapping about football.

We're all just trying to get paid at the end of the day, right? Right.

by Angela Natividad    Aug- 9-07   Click to Comment   
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Angela, being from the Bay Area you must be familiar with Hiero and Pep Love. Really great to see them getting some coverage. Hiero is easy among the most underrated crews in hip hop.


Posted by: viral marketing on August 9, 2007 3:17 PM

I dunno if they will be rapping about football or celebrating murder, but you do get OJ playing for the Assassins - a team with a hooded knife-wielding mascot...

http://tinyurl.com/22n6u7 (TheStreet.com)

Posted by: Brad Waller on August 9, 2007 5:48 PM