Mountain Dew, Prohibition, Rednecks Go Hand-in-Hand


For Mountain Dew, it's not far-reaching enough to be down with street culture. Apparently it wants to be in with the Dirty South too.

A firm called has sent us a weird new take on the Green Label Project for Mountain Dew.

Meet Willy the Hillybilly, the face of the drink pre-dating the '60s. One-time tagline "Zero Proof Moonshine" also harks back to Prohibition, which is when the catchy Mountain Dew song in the ad was written.

Thus inspired, artist Peat Wollaeger donned the trappings of the hillbilly and went out on the town in search of some Dew. (It is very Deliverance.)

The result is a stenciled wall and a brand-new Green Label bottle featuring the throwback character, which you can find by clicking on the appropriate grid on the site.

Unfortunately the Dew is too cool for unique URLs.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (0)     File: Brands, Good, Online, Strange     Aug-23-07  
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