Adrants Heads to The Vineyard, Boogies With 'The Boogies'


Pardon this commercial break while we share with you a a trip we took to Martha's Vineyard last week to check out for a bit, visit old friends, get some sun, eat great food, boat around the island, check out Walter Cronkite's house, marvel at the astounding size house a car dealer (Ernie Boch Jr.) can construct and generally just not work by leaving behind the world of advertising for a couple of days.


Rather than mutilate campaigns and blather on about how Facebook is the new MySpace, we checked out a local band, The Boogies, which played at the island's Outerland club, formerly known as The Hot Tin Roof. The Boogies is one of those bands that has a freakishly dedicated following and whose fans dress up like band members who, themselves, dress - in a way over-the-top fashion - to match the 70's and 80's-style music they cover. All kinds of people show up from 18 to 80. OK, so there weren't many 80 year olds but there was a mix to be sure.


Our group got there early so we had plenty of time to crank with Jager Bomb/Bull Blaster-style drinks served by a pair of waitresses covering the full spectrum of dress from dinner gown to black, tight short shorts. We watched. We talked. We danced. We drank. We took lots of pictures. We checked out people's costumes and we wondered where the hell The Boogies were when we spent two summers on Cape Cod back in the day. We wished we were living on the Cape again.


So after lots of drinking, talking and dancing, it was time to get in the cab and head home. But home isn't exactly where we ended up. At least at first. See, Martha's Vineyard has lots of van taxis so you pile into these things in groups of ten or 12 based on what town on the island you're heading to. Of course, this makes the whole night even more adventurous. Especially when you end up at a house full of islanders who work on the island for the summer or year round like the police officer who was part of our van cab crew. That's far more fun than hangin' with the tourists.


So we had beers. And more talk. And then, oops, half the people are suddenly gone, the girls have gone to bed, the guys are in the living room and we're left trying to figure out who goes with who so we did the smart thing and left before, hopefully, we overstayed our welcome, which, we hope we had in the first place. Oh what Jagermeister will do to one's mind. At least the house was still standing when we passed it again in the morning.


Anyway, none of you care about any of this at all but it's Labor Day weekend and there ain't much advertising news goin' on so we figured we'd fill the page with something other than "Gee, a blimp flying over Long Island had an ad on it for some car dealer." And oh, there's pictures. Yes, there's pictures. Everyone likes pictures, right? So have at it. Indulge in something that has nothing to do with advertising. At all. Not even remotely.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-07   Click to Comment   
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Love this post Steve! Always nice to know what makes one tick and that in the end we are all human. Just another reason I keep coming back.

Posted by: John Boy on September 4, 2007 2:28 PM

When did Martha's Vineyard turn into Cancun?

Posted by: Dan on September 4, 2007 4:40 PM

I'm in the Boogies, and the guy in the van is a good friend of mine. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself!

Posted by: Guy on August 8, 2008 8:07 PM