Florence Henderson's 21st Century Brady Bunch Take on Household Germs


It was one of television's most popular shows. It spawned a movie franchise (sort of). It made Florence Henderson a household name. Yes, we're talking about the Brady Bunch. A show that had every boy in America drooling for Marsha and every girl wondering if Greg was groovy or just weird. Bringing back that seventies kitsch, Captains of Industry has created That's Revolting, a site featuring the age-resistant Henderson and her updated, 21st century family, takes on global warming and household germs with Brady moment videos, a game and deliciously gross pictures of germs.

What's it for? It's to promote a company called Agion which makes natural antimicrobial solutions found in cleaners as well as new plastics which naturally kill germs so germophobes don't freak out after someone borrows their phone, coughs all over it while using it and then hands it back. Howard Stern will love this stuff!

Captains of Industry, which brought us the John Cleese Institute for Backup Trauma and the goofy Ask Dr. Clark, worked with in-the-know Hollywood types to obtain and shoot the videos on the original, albeit reconfigured, Brady Bunch television set which was hauled out of storage and had never been used since the show wrapped over 30 years ago.

by Steve Hall    Sep-24-07   Click to Comment   
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I don;t care if the site is fun. Spoofing the brady bunch (or starsky and hutch, or charlie's angles, or even Small Wonder) is just plain hacky.

Posted by: oatsoda on September 24, 2007 1:01 PM

Here's a song about sex with the bradys

Posted by: Matt on September 25, 2007 11:25 AM