LA Times Smells, Diversity Rocks Apple Cart, NFL Does Video


- If you want your NFL online...legally, that is... the league is splitting with CBS Sportsline and launching its own site to offer its library of video.

- The UK's KateModern is the answer to LonelyGirl15. Viewers and brands seem to like it. Hmm. Not as cute as Bree.

- Diversity rocks the apple cart which is why things won't change until a new cart arrives. Sadly, we couldn't agree more.

- While concern over CBS's Kid Nation increases and advertisers shy away, we're betting this thing'll be a hit.

- Internet "audio" trumps terrestrial radio and it's not a bad thing.

- The latest idiocy in agency renaming: GSD&M Idea City.

- If newspapers can't keep ad revenues up, at least they can make their ads smell.

- Despite real world bridge disasters, bridge ad disasters continue to appear.

- Why is everyone writing about ad blocking software today when the technology's been around for, oh, ten years?

- The Newspaper Association of America reported quarterly newspaper ad revenue is down 8.6 percent to $11.3 billion.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Newspaper, Online, Television   

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