Tom Ford and Vulva Create New Trend: Vaginads


Two make a trend and we're dubbing it Vaginads. Yup, vagina ads. Last week, Tom Ford debuted a new campaign which prominently featured his fragrance product directly between the legs of a naked woman. Now, we are tipped to German company Vivaeros which has a product called Vulva.

And yes, as the name indicates, it has everything to do with that particular female body part and the (good) smells that emanate from within. While the whole thing reads like one big spoof (an email to the company confirms it's the real deal, though), there seems to be some seriousness to it. The company, reacting to the predominance of erotic products which makes a person more attractive to another, has bottled the smell of sex (in the form of a "beguiling vaginal scent") and is selling it as a fragrance for men to wear seemingly to bring them pleasure in the absence of the real thing.

We don't know about the rest of you but when, in our younger days, our friends used to do the "dude, smell my finger" thing, we were more likely to become nauseous rather than suddenly have to unzip and let the fun out. We're not sure Vulva on our own finger would be any better.

The URL alone almost insists this is a spoof: Not to mention the heavy dose of cheesy nude photographs with the product placed just where Tom Ford placed his. But, there is an actual order page where you can buy the stuff. Again the company confirms the product is the real deal.

If you're going to check out the site, it's full of nudity so be warned.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy, Strange   

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A friend's finger? no thanks. My finger, mmmmm.

This brings back fond memories of rushing off to classes and getting a little whiff of the morning's activities. Made it even harder to concentrate on the Philosophy droning, but it was worthwhile.

These days I'm more likely to catch a whiff of Pampers wipes. Don't think that's going into a bottle any time soon.

Oh, and HOORAY Vaginads.

Posted by: pat smith on September 17, 2007 8:04 PM

I have enough trouble with the Tampax & Kotex ads on television--come on--a roller coastering sanitary pad? "Blue blood" to show absorbancy!
Women have enough with everything else that oozes from the pelvic area--and now one more.

Posted by: yrivera on September 18, 2007 12:29 AM