By Car or By Plane, Billboards Will Pursue the Eyesore Traveler


Think billboards are intrusive now? Wait until they blemish your picturesque descent of the SF peninsula or the eastern coastline. Our homie Chad just told us about Ad-Air, whose purpose in life is to give us "bird's-eye billboards" along the flight paths of the world's busiest airports.

And because you'll be way above ground when you happen to be scanning it for something pretty to look at, the ads will be about five acres each - about four football fields across.

The billboards will be hoisted onto temporary framing and are virtually "invisible" from the ground. Expect to see the first few this October in Dubai - of course. Any country that can afford to bring snow to the desert will probably leap at the chance to swallow all the advertising it can get.

Bird's-eye billboards. God damn. Do you imagine this is what crop circles are for?

by Angela Natividad    Oct- 1-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Inflight, Outdoor   

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