Derek the Mascot Joins Big Boobed Cheerleader For Movie Promotion


In mid-September, we shared with you a series of videos featuring an eye catching, very large breasted cheerleader hanging out in a locker room to promote the upcoming Fox film The Comebacks which will star The Office's Melora Hardin, Carl Weathers, Reno 911 and The Office alum David Koechner and Andy Dick among others.

In a new video, our cheerleader, Amy, who is now on crutches, tells us about a cheering accident she recently had. After she hobbles in to the locker room, falls over a bench and gets up (while showing us her pink panties), she pulls out a pair of Barbie dolls to illustrate how her spotter threw her up but didn't catch her causing her to land in the stands. Of course, we had to watch the video five times before our brain finally transferred cognitive abilities from our eyes to our ears.

Originally, Fox didn't really want us to know this was a promotion for The Comebacks which is mildly odd. In fact, they asked us to remove mention of the movie in our original story. Sure, they don't want it branded as yet another YouTube video promotion. We can completely understand and respect that. But when a simple, two second second Google search for the term The Comebacks (which is mentioned in the videos) points one to an IMDB listing for the movie, well, one would have to be an idiot not to put two and two together and share it.

Now that we have that out of the way, the campaign has expanded and now includes a series of videos featuring Derek the Mascot, an oil rig-like mascot for The Comebacks. This series of videos doesn't hide the fact its about a movie and mentions it specifically in one of the videos. In fact, it's all tied together now with short YouTube videos of the movie's scenes linked to the promotional videos themselves. So it seems Fox does now want us to know what it's all for.

We like the promotion. Really, we do. It's funny enough. And it fits perfectly with the movies theme. And yes, we admit large breasts can make a man like just about anything so there's your caveat. We still want that interview with Amy though. Fox? Fox? Are you there?

by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-07   Click to Comment   
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