Hangman Studios Pulls Pr*ck Out for YouTube Audience


Hangman Studios is an interesting company.

Why do we say that? Because we just watched Pr*ck, a stylish, gratuitous piece of self-fellating would-be viral production.

It's circulating YouTube -- or at least making a valiant effort to -- as we speak. The idea is to position Hangman as a "glossy, artistic alternative to the lo-fi joke-oriented virals that saturate online marketing whilst reflecting our offbeat and alternative tastes."

We always get a little nervous about companies that seek to reflect their "offbeat and alternative tastes" on the backs of the brands they're supposed to be interpreting. But Hangman apparently knows where to look for clientele that doesn't deviate much from its aesthetic manifesto. The firm has done work for Bjork and the Libertines, among others.

Catch it all here. And is it just us or does Hangman's logo look a lot like Mossimo's?

Better keep a safe distance from Target. We'd hate to invite the comparison.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-24-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Online, Video   

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