League of the Blind Turns 'Blind Calls' into Generous Gestures

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Our name starts with A. So when people we know slam or rub their phones against something, we're often the unfortunate recipients of an accidental call. Because of this, we've heard a lot of conversations we didn't exactly want to hear, including:

- A business acquaintance fight with his girlfriend
- Our best friend having sex
- Something that sounded really painful involving a cat (maybe?) and a bird

To save us from this mishap and help raise money on the side, Belgium's League of the Blind turned this common occurrence into a marketing campaign.

If you live in Belgium or a participating area, add "A Blind Call" to the head of your phone list. Next time your phone dials the first number it finds, you'll be helping to raise funds for a good cause. The cost of the call is donated to the non-profit.

The idea was developed by Duval Guillaume. According to this video, thousands of people inadvertently assisted the League of the Blind in the campaign's first week.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-26-07   Click to Comment   
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or maybe you could put there a non-existent number and don't pay anything...


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Posted by: andrejdwin on October 28, 2007 12:25 PM