Newsflash! Two Big Breasted Cheerleaders Catfight in Locker Room


You know you've got a winning YouTube video campaign when you have guys leaving comments like, "I want to see her doing you from behind" and "I confess I just busted a nut." And so continues the travails of Amy, the big breasted cheerleader for The Comebacks who has recruited her near equally big breasted friend, Cindy, to help call attention to the movie by having...a locker room catfight. Maybe it's just us but we have a feeling this video promotion is going to be far more popular than the movie itself. Then again, who thought American Pie would amount to much?

Now let's get on with it, Fox. Where's the full on Jello fight between bikini-clad Amy and Cindy? Or the jumping jack contest? Or the cheerleader uniform fitting session? Or the post cheer practice shower scene? Hurry, Fox, the movie's almost here and there are all these ideas to shoot!

by Steve Hall    Oct- 9-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Racy, Video   

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