Oregon Tourism And Horizon Air Like Maps


It seems those in the Pacific Northwest think alike when it comes to travel and tourism advertising. In early September, we took a look at a campaign for Horizon Air which highlighted the 200 mile stretch of Interstate 5 between Seattle and Portland. It's referred to The Slog for all the oddities and annoyances along the way that make taking a Horizon Air (of course) flight to traverse the distance instead.

Now, we have a campaign from Wieden + Kennedy for for Travel Oregon called Oregon Bounty. Among other things (print, radio, original music) the campiagn features a website with a similar looking map that highlights Oregon's attractions. Of course, this time, it's all positive and the attractions are conveniently listed for each individual geographic area of the state.

OK, so it's not exactly the same thing but the similar timing and similar geography was inescapable. We're not complaining. We like the campaign. Maybe it's all because we just realized that famed Rolls Royce headline David Ogilvy wrote wasn't really all that original itself.

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The Oregon Bounty campaign has been around for awhile (As an Oregonian I see the campaign). Maybe new creative, but certainly not a new campaign "look". Horizon Air looks to be the copy cat here.

Posted by: jj on October 2, 2007 2:13 PM