Real Mad Men Get Their Due At One Club Hall of Fame Induction


OK. Enough about that fictional silliness on AMC's Mad Men. It's time to raise a glass to the real Mad Men in this business. Last week, the One Club held its Creative Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at The Metropolitan Club where Tim Delaney, Phil Dusenberry and the late Paul Rand were inducted for their lifetime achievement of work

Here's what the real Mad Men had to say that evening.

"I was fortunate to be married to a fellow creative. I could wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and immediately be able to get a professional opinion. Gave new meaning to "being rejected in bed."

--Phil Dusenberry, on how his marriage helped bolster his career

"It's much better being inducted than being indicted."

--Phil Dusenberry, Former Chairman BBDO North America and 2007 Inductee into the Creative Hall of Fame

"The thing he liked the most was the thing he liked the least--not knowing what would happen from one minute to the next."

-- Allen Rosenshine, Chairman of BBDO Worldwide, on Phil Dusenberry's feelings about the ad industry

"We had an unlimited budget, but we somehow managed to exceed it."

-- Phil Dusenberry, on making blockbuster commercials for clients like Pepsi and GE at the height of his career at BBDO

"I've never had my name in a New York Times crossword puzzle, so go f*#@ yourself!

-- George Lois, legendary ad man and former Hall of Fame inductee, on multi-award-winning designer Paul Rand's reaction to seeing George's name in a crossword puzzle

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-07   Click to Comment   
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