TomTom Makes Your Boss Look Like A Loser


Following the release of a video on YouTube, navigation aid TomTom has launched a full blown campaign across Europe with TV, print, radio and out door. In two TV spots, the Mapshare feature, which lets users update and correct the map database, are highlighted in a humorous manner.

In one spot, a boss and a subordinate find themselves together at a stop light on the way to work. The boss looks over at the subordinate, taps his watch with a "don't be late" glare. The subordinate, who has TomTom, makes a left. The boss goes straight. Guess who gets to work on time and guess who looks the fool? Exactly. In the second spot, a husband and pregnant wife race to the hospital with TomTom telling them to go down what once was a one way street. It's very straightforward expect for the fact they're just on a practice run.

The commercial are shot using a lime green illustrative animation style from Dutch agency TBWANeboko and production company PostPanic.

We like the style and tone of the commercial, it's use of un-hip humor which can be clearly understood across countries and cultures and the uniqueness of the visuals.

Here are the other elements of the campaign.




by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-07   Click to Comment   

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I really like the two TomTom GO commercials. So those are only going to be in Europe? I'd really like to see a few TomTom commercials in the US. I know the GO 720 has been a hit over here because of the Map Share and other features, but I think it would sell even better if there were a few good commercials. I like the one with the boss the most.

Posted by: NeverHector [TypeKey Profile Page] on October 5, 2007 4:19 PM