Facebook Fucked Up


Did anyone really think they'd get away with plastering people's images alongside ads as mini-endorsements? 50,000 people didn't and signed a petition forcing the company to change is Beacon system so people have control over whether or not they participate in it.

Why, in the first place, they thought everyone would willingly become a buzz agent is mystifying. Is there a social network out there that can can the right mix of human interaction and capitalistic commerce?

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Social, Tools   

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Steve, I'm telling you man, it is all a PR play. They did they same thing with privacy when they rolled feeds out in the first place. People are going to bitch anyway, so give them something to bitch about that you can fix. Maybe shady, but probably a little smart, too.

No way they'd be able to fix the beacon issue this fast unless they already knew it was coming.


Posted by: Paul McEnany on November 30, 2007 2:29 PM