Lucky Brand Jeans Offers 50 Percent Off Horror of Black Friday


So Lucky Brand Jeans, the company that traversed the States this past summer with its Denim Highway flower power bus, brings us Friday the 23rd, a Friday the 13th-style promotion complete with movie trailer that hypes its buy-one-get-one-free sale which, despite the title runs from November 18 to December 1. Of course, offering a sale on the biggest shopping day of the year is the entire point. Nothing's usually on sale that day because everyone is primed to spend ridiculous sums of money on pointless purchases anyway.

So if you need an extra pair of jeans, maybe you do actually want to slog your way to the mall with the rest of middle America's sloth for a fun-filled day of fighting off obnoxious idiots, overweight fatties who use their bulk to push everyone else out of the way and giggling gaggles of teens wearing lowrider jeans, exposed thongs and backless tops. OK, so maybe there are some positives to visiting the mall on occasion.

We like the effort. And hey, it's much more fun than a 50 percent off coupon in the Sunday paper.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Good, Online, Promotions     Nov-19-07  
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