RCRD LBL Means Free MP3s -- Sponsored by You, Of Course


We just found out about an online music label called RCRD LBL, which lets users download MP3 tracks from new and seasoned artists for free.

This is a decent contender to what's already out there for the following three reasons:

- It's legitimately sponsored, and sponsors don't mess with the tracks
- It's not all ad-heavy and slow like OHHLA.com
- It's gritty and cool without feeling seedy as hell like AllofMP3.com before it got pwned by The Man

On iTunes, just below the album art and above the artist name, you get a little line of text that says, "Get free music at RCRDLBL.com." That's something we can live with.

Also, we downloaded a few songs and were happy to find each single already has album art (coverflow has made this crucial in a sickening OCD kind of way).

RCRD LBL is the brainchild of Peter Rojas of Engadget and Downtown Records. It also just signed Nikon as a sponsor. (Nikon is pushing artist photo widgets throughout, like what you see at left.)

Disclosure (for all you conspiracy theorists out there!) -- I (meaning Angela) covered this on MarketingVox this morning. And I (meaning Angela) dig it like crazy.

by Angela Natividad    Nov-15-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Online, Radio, Sponsorship   

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