Bible Tales Repurposed to Guilt Gluttons into Conscious Consumption


For many, nothing ushers in the holidays like the story of Mary and Joseph's return to Bethlehem, right before the birth of Jesus.

But in Green Thing's version of the story, Mary and Joseph are selling a new kind of salvation: environmental awakening.

The YouTube video intro reads:

Jesus was born in a simple manger in a bare stable in Bethlehem. Perhaps this was because Mary and Joseph knew that it just would have been wrong to surround God's son with the conspicuous consumption that defines many peoples lives today.

Our favourite part of the video is when Mary grabs her tummy and (all too aptly) exclaims, "I think I just felt my first contradiction!"

"Hold it in!" Joseph admonishes.

No need, Mary. We're feeling the ripples of many contradictions from all the way over here.

by Angela Natividad    Dec- 6-07   Click to Comment   
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