Wieden UK Builds A Forest For Christmas


Here's a few agency holiday cards we haven't seen yet. As one commenter pointed out, there seems to be far less of then this year than last. Either that or no one's sending them to us for fear of receiving some kind of negative rant. Oh come on, we never do that around here!

Oh but wait, we have to. Any holiday card that requires you to log in...well...that's just too much effort to exert just to celebrate the holiday season. Oh but wait, it's for a good cause. Yes, Wieden + Kennedy London's Wieden's Woods provides some sort of green-friendly tree growing thing. Oh, and over there in the UK, they don't mess around with the whole politically correct "holiday" thing. They just come right out and say it: Merry Christmas.

Next, we have Barkley's Bad Gift Emporium at which you can find a really bad gift to send to a friend or upload your own horror show of a re-gift.

And then there's McKinney's Snowglobe Boy which had 24-year-old production coordinator Ben Eckerson spend three days inside a snow globe to beat the record and to raise money for the Center for Child and Family Health along with other charities. Very nice work, Ben.

by Steve Hall    Dec-18-07   Click to Comment   
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