Wonderbra Supports Huge Mounds of Water


OK. Ha, ha, fuckin' ha. Maybe Wonderbra is running out of ideas or maybe we're just bored (bored with breasts? is that even possible?) with their whole "we hold big boulders" approach to bra advertising. Did we just say that? Bored with bra ads? Damn. Excuse us for a minute while we go stare at our intern's 34G breasts...

OK, all better. We love bra advertising! bring us more! How about little placards placed in between the balloons you seen hanging on people's mail boxes when their kid has a birthday party or they're trying to clear some shit out of their basement? how about two giant hot air balloons floating aloft next to each other with a giant Wonderbra over the top of them?

How about a girl jumping up and down like a gorilla while playing the drums. Oh wait. Been there, done that. OK, here it is. How about an Asian chick playing tennis proving the power of the Wonderbra?

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Outdoor   

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