Debbie Gibson Launches Cattle Call for Acting Camp/Reality Show


Remember Debbie Gibson? You know, the one whose many hits include "Only in my Dreams" and "Electric Youth"?

We do, but just barely.

Here is an update on Debbie Gibson. To start with, you now have to call her "Deborah."

Anyway, Debbie Gibson is conducting scholarship auditions and a reality show taping for her pet project Camp Electric Youth (keep your volume down unless you want an electric deja vu attack). This is her performing arts summer camp for kids between seven and 17.

"I was the Hannah Montana of the '80s and I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer today's aspiring performers," Debbie says. (Yeah. Like "you're never too young to start a career in reality TV.")

We were pretty young in the '80s, but we wouldn't call Debbie the Hannah Montana of the decade. What does that make Tiffany -- Hillary Duff?

Debbie muses, "It seems like yesterday that 'Foolish Beat' was at the top of the charts worldwide."

No. It was years ago. Many, many years ago. Safely two decades behind us, along with hairstyles and outfits whose potential association with us will forever forbid us a career in politics.

If for some odd reason you'd like to put your child's hands into Debbie Gibson's care, email the audition guy Patrick at Don't forget to ask for an autograph -- but try to get her to use "Debbie" and dot her I with a heart. It's more retro that way.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-31-08   Click to Comment   
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Your sour grapes attitude annoys me. Deborah Gibson has had a very successful career in musical theater for the past couple of decades after leaving the pop scene, and does INDEED have a lot to offer young performers as an instructor. The only people still "dissing" Deborah these days are the ones that refuse to see her as anything but who she was at 16 and haven't even taken the time to check out any of her Broadway shows or later albums! Don't you think that it is time to MOVE ON?....Deborah certainly has! She has continued to learn and grow...will you do that same? Hmmmm....

Posted by: Dawn on February 7, 2008 10:40 AM

Hey I am actually here to say that Deborah Gibson's Camp Electric Youth is the best idea anyone in Hollywood has had for a LONG TIME she is such an AMAZING PERSON & PERFORMER! I am a student at the camp and I LOVE it we have the oppertunity of a lifetime and we all LOVE it just for your information alot of the kids managers wanted them to come to camp does'nt that tell you something? Deb is amazing as well as Patrick Diane Howard ect. so please do not say anything negative about Deborah who has helped so many youth out maybe if you investigated a little you would not be so negative.

Posted by: Matt Whitmire on July 13, 2008 6:48 PM

I would like info on the camp for kids. I have an eleven year old daughter who want's and dreams of being a singer. Madison my daughter practices everyday and takes singing lessons. She has also started trying to write her own songs. Madisonlike many other girl's, would love the chance to meet Debbie and get the opportunity to attend the camp. Debbie is from my generation and my memories of her are nothing but positive! We could use more of that now day's for our children to look up to. So please let me know if i'm not to late, or maybe i can get signed up for next summer. Thank You, Teresa Woods.

Posted by: teresa on July 15, 2008 1:53 PM