Jay Mohr Follows Vanilla Ice With TurboTax's TaxLaugh


We always new Jay Mohr was an actor. We never really knew he was a comedian (we gave up on SNL long ago and, more recently, never watched Last Comic Standing). Apparently, appreciates his comic abilities and hooked up with him for a video contest called TaxLaugh in which entrants vie for a $10,000 and a chance to open for Mohr prize by submitting three minute comedy vids.

Jay tells us, "Most people think doing your own taxes is hard and being funny is easy. We're out to prove them wrong. TaxLaugh will give comedians the chance to make a name for themselves by making people laugh about something no one likes - taxes."

We're sure Jay would be be happier staring at Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage during his Ghost Whisper gig with her but with less than five minutes screen time each episode and, some might argue, a failed career appearing in Diet Pepsi commercials, a man's gotta make a living. Besides, if Vanilla Ice can do TaxRap, we're sure Mohr can handle TaxLaugh just fine.

We're not sure this is some kind of clandestine indicator of a recession but TurboTax is giving away only $10,000 this year as opposed to last year's $25,000.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-08   Click to Comment   
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