Sweden Home to Oddest McDonald's Ads Ever Created


OMFG! WTF? We don't know what drugs they use over in Sweden but, damn, we want some now! Or at least we want to know what goes on inside the minds of DDB Stockholm Copywriter Magnus Jacobsson and Art Director Frederik Simonsson who created these three off-the-charts whacked ads for McDonald's.

We have a news anchor parrot scratching his shoulder while motocross riders appear in the background. We have moaning blobs floating about amoeba-style. And we have a guy with a Pinocchio-style nose which looks like a hot dog....connected to another guy's nose!! Each scenario is interrupted with a thudding Wake Up call jarring you out of these wacky situations.

Damn these are good! And, yes, they make sense. Get it? Your mind wanders. You think about non-sensical things when you dream or daydream. McDonald's coffee gives you a stiff whack upside the head and bring you out of your seemingly drug-addled world and back into reality. America (Sweden) might run on Dunkin' but McDonald's coffee wakes up the country like a frieght train screaming through your head. We like. We like very, very much.

by Steve Hall    Jan-24-08   Click to Comment   
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Magnus and Frederik have obviously been smoking the famous "Lapland Louie" variety of weed. This is known to produce hallucinations of your mailman looking like a reindeer with 38-D boobs dressed like Michael Jackson.

Personally, I think this compellingly warped creative is the result of what Magnus and Fred actually dream about. Either that, or way too many shots of Aquavit.

Posted by: Paul Z on January 25, 2008 8:40 PM