The Super Bowl Onslaught Nears


There's beer, cars, soda, computers, tires, beer, more cars, more beer, food, drink, candy, more food, more cars, movies, soap, more soda, more movies, phones, shoes, lingerie, drugs and, of course, big breasted models selling domain names.

Advertising Age has the whole quarter by quarter breakdown here because, ya know, they have a lot more people working there than we do so they can make these nice big lists.

We'll see Wieden + Kennedy's first crack at a Careebuilder commercial. The Clydesdales will be back. Audi will make its first appearance in 20 years in the game pimping it $108,000 R8. Doritos will incorporate music voted by consumers. Perhaps in response to recent Emerald Nuts Super Bowl activity, Planters will be back after a ten year hiatus.Justin Timberlake will not perform a wardrobe malfunction in his Pepsi Stuff commercial. Adriana Lima will don lingerie and a footbal for her Victoria's Secret appearance. The White House will say don't do drugs and will poke fun at old school car buyers.

Hmm. What will be this year's Snickers moment?

by Steve Hall    Jan-21-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2008   

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